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Becoming a Member

The way to begin association with The Adelphi Organization is through the Candidacy program. The Candidacy program is available either through mail or by attending classes at Adelphi. It includes a study of The Ultimate Frontier using a four-part study guide with extensive questions to increase your knowledge about the book, essays written by Richard, and information about The Adelphi Organization.

Candidates communicating by mail receive the first lesson after receipt of their application. When that lesson is completed and returned, the next lesson will be mailed. Candidates studying at Adelphi attend four classes on the first and third Sundays of each month. Attending the classes offers the opportunity for asking questions and becoming better acquainted with our community and members. There is no obligation for the Candidacy program. 

Completion of the Candidacy program is a prerequisite to acceptance as a postulant. A person may apply for postulancy by completing an application form and writing an original essay outlining their reasons for wishing to become a postulant. After an interview with the Admissions Committee and their acceptance as postulant, the person is granted a six-month period in which to relocate. The six-month postulancy period begins at the time they arrive in the Dallas area. Postulants enjoy all the benefits of membership except voting privileges which are reserved for full members.

After a minimum of six months as a postulant (the postulant or the organization may choose a longer time), full membership may be considered. This requires that a person makes application, writes an essay concerning his interest in being a part of The Adelphi Organization and has an interview with the Admissions Committee to determine their qualifications for acceptance. 

Requirements and Participation Goals for Postulants and Members:

  1. Psychological and emotional maturity.

  2. A high level of commitment to advance the purposes of Adelphi and the Brotherhoods.

  3. Active participation in the orientation classes.

  4. Completion of the sixteen Philosophy Seminars that are available each year. These may be begun while a person is a postulant and be completed after he is a member.

  5. Attendance and active participation in business and community meetings that meet on the first and third Friday of each month respectively. Both meeting times are from 7:45 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

  6. Participation in Adelphi social gatherings and public meetings to build a feeling of community.

  7. Tithing (10% of net income) to The Adelphi Organization that directly supports our work for the Brotherhoods. An alternative is to tithe to the Philadelphia Project Development Fund that is for the development of the Island in the Pacific Ocean. Regular tithing helps to balance an individual's karma so that the group as a whole maintains positive karma.

  8. Donation of at least 8 hours of work each month to activities that directly benefit The Adelphi Organization. This may include a variety of activities including construction, community upkeep, preparing mailings, office work, grounds-keeping, etc. Preferably, the work is done as a participant in work parties because working and creating together builds a feeling of community. As we contribute to Adelphi's growth we also contribute to our own development.

  9. Understanding our Behavior Guidelines which are model behaviors chosen to uplift our culture in preparation for the civilization in the Nation of God. All members sign this agreement.

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