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Quarterly Newsletter
The Adelphi Quarterly
contains philosophical articles, news of Adelphi, and news and analysis of world events that will shape our future. The subscription is free. 

The Ultimate Frontier
by Richard Kieninger
Revelations of the ancient mystic Brotherhoods of Scientist/Philosophers, their cosmology and efforts to create a true civilization. This is the foundation of The Adelphi Organization. Soft-cover.

The Hidden Christ
by Richard Kieninger
The information in this book comes not only from the gospels themselves but from standard and biblical encyclopedias and texts plus items of oral tradition as well. By integrating facts from these diverse sources an enriched portrait of Christ in His time is presented. Soft-cover.

The Great Virtues Workbook
A self-paced guide to assist the student's acquisition of growth in the Virtues. Ben Franklin's Recorder, a system for measuring progress, is included in the workbook. 153 pages. Soft-cover.

Study Guide for The Ultimate Frontier
An in-depth study of The Ultimate Frontier consisting of a question and answer format covering 55 pages. Soft-cover.

Personal Growth Handbook
This convenient pocket-sized book contains thumbnail definitions 
of the Twelve Great Virtues, weekly records to track progress 
in achieving goals for each Virtue, a monthly record of tithes, 
basic information of the Lemurian Philosophy which includes 
the Seven Planes of Existence, the Ten Qualities of Mind, the
Ten Lemurian Laws, etc. Soft-cover.

Children's Virtue "Fun" Book
Definitions of the Twelve Great Virtues were written for 
easier understanding. This book contains fun activities for 
families, teachers and students to assist in making the Virtues a 
part of their everyday lives. Soft-cover.

Philosophy Lessons
This series of lessons presents expanded information on specific areas of the Brotherhoods' Philosophy. Loose leaf pages.

Audio Recordings

On Becoming an Initiate
by Richard Kieninger
This 12-cassette album presents information valuable for acquiring the requisites for membership in the Brotherhood of Saints. These tapes enlarge on the basic concepts presented in The Ultimate Frontier. Cassette tape.

In Pursuit of The Ultimate Frontier

10 tapes containing 20 half-hour radio shows with Richard Kieninger and popular talk-show host Charlie Jones. Entertaining presentation of conversations on many topics not covered in The Ultimate Frontier book. Ideal for introducing the philosophy to your friends. Cassette tape.

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