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Eden, Angels and Human Beings

by Richard Kieninger

Someone once asked me to explain how the Angel Jehovah made such a great mistake when it came to how humans were to advance.

In Jehovah's defense, I have to say the great majority of the other Angels of planet Earth agreed that providing Edenic conditions was the way to go because such a system had been successful on quite a number of planets in prior lifewaves. Our Angelic Creators thought they would set things up so we humans could develop without having to go through a great deal of strife and competition and possibly getting into wars. It seemed more humane to them in their perceptions, except that we didn't follow through on it. After a period of time, it came to the point where much of our Angelic Host decided that the easy way wasn't going to work any longer and that we would have to go the usual hard, competitive way that has been the experience over and over again in the majority of planets. There seemed to be a division of opinion as to which would be the best plan to follow next.

Unfortunately, the third of the Angelic Host who followed Lucifer decided that things could not continue the Edenic way even one year longer. It had to stop immediately. On their own they decided to change earthly conditions so that the Edenic, easy way of doing things was just not going to be possible anymore. After destroying Eden, they voluntarily agreed to leave our Angelic Host and work with the Angelic Hosts of other planets in our Solar System. Their number was replaced by Angels from those Angelic Hosts where they went to assist. So Earth still has the same number of Angels, but much of our Angelic Host is different than the ones who were originally involved in our development as human beings.

I think most Angels have it in mind that we accomplish what we need to accomplish in as peaceable a way as possible. But we have to deal with the makeup of our brains as They created them. Egos are the same wherever they may be anywhere in the Universe, but all those human Egos have to start out operating through an animal life form, which has its definite influences. There are a lot of basic drives which were built into our animal bodies which impose their influence and dictate our thinking about things. Our Angelic Host are the ones who evolved our bodies species-by-species until an animal vehicle was developed that could be occupied by human Egos; so They too had a responsibility for our lack of progress. They needed to switch to a way to make us work and learn the lessons we need to learn.

So no more picking bananas off the trees. We have to work in order to grow and survive. I don't know how many people fail before they finally learn that lesson. It must have been pretty touch and go as to whether there was going to be any real humanness achieved by our race. But we did make it; some hundred million have made it to Mastership and somewhat over a billion have made it to Initiation at one time or another out of the thirteen billion Egos assigned to this planet.

Of the Angels who left, I don't think that anybody was really mad at one another. Melchizedek decided that They should be split up to reduce the likelihood of conflicts arising at a later time. Everybody has to read off the same sheet of music in the Angelic Host; otherwise, They can't run a planet very well.

There are thirteen billion Egos assigned to this planet. That's a fixed number. Generally speaking, an average of about one-sixth of the Egos assigned to a planet may be in incarnation at any given moment. Egos rest the remaining time. On an average, about every 200 years or so, you will come into incarnation again. However, some people may wait 10,000 years between one incarnation and the next, mainly because they have arrived at a degree of advancement where there may not be a civilization on the planet that would move them from what they have already achieved to where they want to go further. They have to wait for another, more developed civilization to incarnate again. Civilizations are made or destroyed by people. We human beings on the planet in incarnation are the ones who are responsible for that.

There are definitely far more people alive than there have been for a long time, but there are two factors I understand that are involved in that. One is the technology which has been developed that has allowed more people to live on the planet and to survive longer. It wasn't but a few centuries back that the average lifespan was 28 years, while it's more like 75 years in our culture. Still, there are many cultures today where people very frequently don't live past forty.

The other factor is that many people are coming into incarnation now to experience a balancing out of their personal and group karmas that have been acquired over several incarnations. This balancing can be accomplished because of some of the severe types of things that are going to be occurring at the end of the century. There will be yet more wars before the turn of the century and then Armageddon and seismic reapportionment of the world's land masses. These will give many people the opportunity to work off their negative karma and be able to do so in large numbers. Of course, some of these same people are here to help create some of those very same negative conditions so that they can suffer through them.

In contrast, some of the very finest Egos have been coming into incarnation who are of far higher spiritual development than have been around for five or six thousand years. They're all around. They just don't appear to work in conjunction with one another except those who have gotten into the Brotherhoods, and they, of course, are given information about the overall Plan. There are many people who assist the Brotherhoods, hopefully on the way to becoming an Initiate, and they're also made aware of this Plan, as were the Founding Fathers of this country. They're here in fairly large numbers. Of course, most of them are probably very busy trying to make a living, and they probably do very well at that.

There are special people who are the real glue that holds our society together. About a million individuals in our society--about half of one percent of the population in this country--are very instrumental in making it work by providing jobs and the idealism that is necessary for a people to improve themselves. At least in their part of the world they make their children better able to deal more effectively with the world than they were able to. Even today there is some pretty intelligent stuff being published that is probably as idealistic as anything our Founding Fathers had available to them. I think the level of intelligence is increasing in certain quarters of this country.


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