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The Brotherhoods' Cosmology

Everything in the Universe has been created as a result of purposeful thought. From the countless systems of galaxies to the unimaginably huge numbers of sub-atomic particles, all things exist and are organized because of creative acts.

The Seven Planes of Existence

"There are seven planes of existence in the universe, and each of these seven planes of existence consists of atoms and quanta (photons). Each plane is differentiated from the others by the nutational rate of the matter and energy composing it. Therefore, there are seven nutational rates, one for each plane of existence. (Each rate is double the frequency of the one below it, and there are no blends of intermediate tones of nutational particles.) No scientific instrument on the physical plane can detect or measure the presence of the higher, more refined planes of existence. Atoms and energy of one nutational rate are not en rapport, as it were, with those of a different nutational rate. Inasmuch as the nerves composing man's five physical senses are made of atoms of the same nutational rate as those of any other physical instrument, these senses are also unable to perceive the higher planes. However, certain powers inherent in Mind can provide the means whereby the upper planes may be ‘seen’ ".

Dr. White in The Ultimate Frontier

Physical Plane
The lowest plane is the Physical Plane, which has the nutational rate of all physical matter from gases and minerals to all plants and animal bodies, including the human body.

Etheric Plane
The second plane is the Etheric Plane of existence. It is two thousand times denser than the Physical Plane giving it tremendous binding power. Gravity and magnetism are binding forces that have their origin on the Etheric Plane. Every living thing has a Vital Body. It is the etheric pattern for plant, animal and human physical bodies and gives stability and order to their growth year after year, as well as making wounds heal. As the Vital Body grows, the physical body conforms through genetic processes.

Astral Plane
The third plane is the Astral Plane where all animal life essence exists. It vitalizes all animal cells. This plane is the residence of all human Egos when they are sleeping or in between incarnations. This third plane is where so-called heaven and hell exist, although really they are different aspects of the same place. Human spirits of varying degrees of advancement are operating on the Astral Plane all around us, though most of us are unable to perceive them because the nutational rate of astral bodies is different from that of our sense organs.

Mental Plane
The next higher plane, the fourth plane of existence, is the Mental Plane. Human beings who have learned everything of the first four planes work and reside there while they wait to move on to the Angelic Plane. This is also the plane of the life essence of the human Ego, where human beings' individuality, continuity of consciousness, and indestructibility of Egoic identity are manifested. Masters, Those who have learned all there is to know about the first three planes, function and communicate with one another on the Mental Plane rather than risk the communication avenues at the Astral Plane level.

Angelic Plane
Angelic Intelligences exist on the fifth plane. They create planets and evolve physical life forms, step by step, through a conscious evolutionary process under their complete control. They created Man, as well as all the lower animals, by evolving species by species from simple to increasingly complex organisms. Racial variations can occur through natural selection to improve a species' chance of survival, but a new species can only be created by Angelic design using their mental powers.

Archangelic Plane
On the sixth plane, Archangels have the job of creating matter and mentally holding together the physical universe. Every particle of matter and virtually every particle of energy on the lower six planes of existence has been created by Archangelic Mind. Its existence is continued via the sustained mental precipitation of Archangelic Thought. There are a few notable exceptions, however. The kinds of energy particles created by the Archangels on the lower six planes include and are analogous to the electromagnetic spectrum of the Physical Plane of existence but do not involve the Life Essences, Mind or Love energies.

Celestial Plane
The seventh plane is the Celestial Plane of existence, where new Egos are created, laws that govern the universe are formed, and galaxies are organized. Life Essences are special energies, having nutational rates appropriate to the specific plane of existence upon which they respectively function. These Life Essences which motivate living beings--plants, animals, men, Angels, Archangels, and Celestial Beings--are created exclusively by the Celestial Host. Mind is also an exclusive creation of God, as is the energy we call Love. Love is a power emanating from God that permeates the entire universe. All phases of existence respond to these two great powers, Mind and Love.


The first task of Archangels, in building a solar system, is to create vast tonnages of hydrogen atoms. Next, They mentally bring these atoms together until the local gravity field becomes great enough to compress the hydrogen gas. This is all accomplished according to Natural Laws. Eventually this forms a primordial, glowing star which begins to give off energy as the result of its nuclear fusion reactions. This resulting nuclear furnace builds elements higher in atomic number than iron. At a certain phase in the evolution of a star ejecta, in the form of dust particles and gases, are thrown out into space.

Using the laws of gravity and magnetism, Angels consciously coalesce this ejecta, which are in the space around a star, into planets, after having determined what size the planets are going to be and what elements they want to bring together. This is done mentally by imaging an etheric pattern of what they want to create.

After a stable, physical environment is created, They create self-replicating Vital Bodies which are the basis of giving form to the various species of life on a planet. Thus, one-celled plants and animals are created and evolved through various species in a conscious way, until the individual Egos created on the Celestial Plane began "living" in appropriately evolved human bodies.

The best way that human beings can show gratitude to the Higher Beings who played Their parts in our creation is to take responsibility for our further evolution and strive to reach the levels of advancement of our creators. Thus, it was designed that we are given the opportunity to play a vital part in Creation at this level.

Photon - The Basic Particle

Even though we see all physical objects as solid bodies when we get down to the sub-atomic level of electrons, protons, and photons of electromagnetic energy, they are not solid at all. These tiny so-called particles are but swirls of energy. The analogy of a smoke ring is helpful in imagining the doughnut-shaped form of a photon.

Every particle and every photon of electromagnetic energy on the physical plane has precisely the same nutational rate regardless of its spin or energy level. Nothing can change or affect the nutational rate. The nutational wobble is similar to the precessing motion of a top or the Earth but at a much higher frequency. Particles on the physical plane--namely, electrons, protons, neutrons and photons--nutate at the fantastic rate of 7 billion times in a billionth of a second.

The axis of a top spinning will have a slight wobble, called a precessional wobble, which rotates slowly in a direction opposite to that of the top's spin. The axis of the Earth also has a precessional wobble that takes approximately twenty-six thousand years to inscribe a complete circle in the heavens. This is also referred to as the "progression of the pole stars."

All matter and all energy are comprised of the sub-atomic particles. They are simply eddies in what is called "basic energy." Another term for basic energy is the Ether, which acts like a non-particulate, frictionless fluid. Eddies that travel in a straight line are called energy and they move at the speed of light. Eddies which rotate in orbits are called matter.

In addition to photons being doughnut-shaped eddies, so-called particles of matter also tumble around in their orbits. This makes it difficult to imagine them as appearing like a top or the Earth, since these latter two are gyroscopically stable in comparison.

Light exhibits a curious behavior in that it seems like particles at times and like waves at other times. As a photon of light (one of these tiny doughnut-shaped eddies) travels through space at the speed of light, it runs up against an inherent barrier in the Ether of which it is formed. At this point, the net result is that the photon is annihilated into a waveform, which spreads as a wave of electrical force in one direction and as a spreading magnetic force at 90 degrees to the electric wave. These two waves then collapse back in upon themselves to again form the doughnut-shaped ring. The photon chatters along through space in this way by alternating rapidly between a ring-shaped "particle" and an electro-magnetic waveform, which it can do for billions of years. The higher the energy that originally created the photon, the more frequently it bucks against the upper speed limit imposed by the Ether, giving the photon wave a higher frequency and, as a result, a shorter wavelength.


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