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Visiting Adelphi

If you are interested in learning more about the Adelphi community and its place in The Great Plan you are invited to visit us anytime. Weekends are the best times to be able to talk with more of our members and participate in planned activities. On the second Sunday of each month there is a Public Meeting which gives an opportunity to ask questions of the attendees and to discuss topics of interest. We host a Philosophy Seminar on the third Sunday of all months except December. In February, May, August, November and December there is also a seminar on the first Sunday of the month. When Easter is the third Sunday in April, the seminar is held on the first Sunday of April instead.

Please notify us of your visit so that we may accommodate our plans to fit your needs. Your children are welcome to come with you. 

We are just beginning to create a new culture now as a foundation for the Nation of God. Your positive energy will be appreciated toward the accomplishment of our goals.

The motels in Terrell are 13 miles from Adelphi and about 50 miles from DFW Airport. West Tawakoni motels are 11 miles from Adelphi, but further from Dallas. Contact us about your planned visit or to get further information.

We look forward to meeting you


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