The Marvelous Mind of Man

Covers the new research on the brain and powers of mind, including such fascinating topics as ESP, telepathy, and clairvoyance, the basic emotions, and the source of love..


  The Nature of Reality

Deals with the cosmos and the ether; nutation of all particles; 7 planes of existence; 4 bodies of man; Creation; cause and effect.


  The Great Pyramid

Discuses its history and its prophecies in relation to the world situation today.


  The Brotherhoods

Reveals the history and worldwide activities of an ancient mystic organization of scientist/philosophers to up lift mankind; requirements for one's membership; the five great civilizations.


   Working Toward 

Discusses the perfectibility of man; the 12 Great Virtues; one's advancement via practical idealism and right living and the conscious pursuit of character improvement.


   Why Reincarnation?

Evidence of life after death is reviewed; a contrast is made between reincarnation and transmigration of souls; Biblical references to reincarnation are pointed out; regressive hypnosis and "life readings" are analyzed.


   Discriminating Metaphysics

Talks about hazards of dabbling in the occult such as yoga, the Tarot, the Ouija; spirit deception of mediums; speaking in tongues; Christ's protection; nazism and Tibetan magic; the antichrist.


   The Five Great Civilizations

Reviews the 52,000-year history of civilization as in Lemuria, Atlantis, Rama empire, pre-dynastic Egypt and Western Civilization; the coming reapportionment of the land masses; the Rama-Sita legend.


    Economics in the 
    Nation of God

Discusses the Biblically prophesied Kingdom of God and how economics based on the Golden Rule, as taught by Christ, will be practiced in the newly-formed Nation of God.


  The Balanced Way

Discusses better living by balancing one's practical, mental and idealistic natures; examples of unbalanced personalities; Atlantis versus India; soul mates; truth versus dogma and society.



Compares how eastern or Western thinking affect man's ability to cope with life; masculine and feminine traits; one's balance between Apollonian and Dionysian world views needed to be in the Brotherhoods.


  Mental Precipitation

This is a power everyone possesses which can be used to attract wealth and a better life; tie between Etheric and Physical planes; karmic credits; "white" magic and sorcery.


  Law of Cause & Effect

Compares karma, fate and predestination; economic, emotional and physical karmas; treasures in Heaven; national karma; justice via karma; prayers "for the greatest good of all."


  Good vs. Evil

Defines evil and its origins; the Agartha and Shamballa cults using telepathic hypnosis against mankind; Christ's protection from evil; the Illuminati and the Federal Reserve System.



 Some Thoughts on Loving


Deals with differences between love and sex; falling in love; mother/infant bonding at birth; mothering in different cultures; Love as the great creative power; spiritual love as up lift.


  Cosmic Consciousness

Explains Explains how mystic awareness naturally occurs through a brain circuitry which everyone has; meditation; controlled clairvoyance; harmful short cuts to astral perception.


  Emotional Maturity

Details the hallmarks of emotional maturity and the skills of living; self-assuredness; ability to love; tolerance and tact; emotional blocks; enjoying success.


  The Nation of God

Points out that the key to that nation's success is education; existing pilot communities; surviving the cataclysms; the end of rulers and religions; Christ's return in the Nation of God.


  Universal Laws

Shows that all provisions for man's prosperity and happiness are provided by God; historical perspective in Mosaic Law; tithing; mental attraction; testing God's Laws; working in harmony with Nature.


  Christ Among Us

Shares how people must have experienced Him during His ministry; Jesus as the true pretender to the throne of David; young Jesus' world travels; personality of Christ; the shroud of Turin.