The Brotherhoods' Cosmology




This presentation describes the characteristics of matter and energy, the difference between basic particles, how the seven planes are constructed, what life essences exist on each plane, and what differentiates the seven planes from each other - from the physical plane to pure spirit and love on the seventh plane.






History and the Great Plan




This covers key points in Lemurian history, the development of the Brotherhoods from Atlantis through Egypt, the beginning of The Great Plan with the building of the Great Pyramid, and intermediate highlights up to, and including Adelphi's role.






The Brotherhoods




The seven Lesser Brotherhoods are explored; when they were created, what each represents and what their primary tasks are. Christ initiated them with a specific purpose in mind and we have the opportunity to affirm that purpose and its relevance to our goals.






Qualifications for Brotherhood




The seven qualifications required to attain First Degree in the Brotherhoods involve aspects of desire, health, karma, attitude, skill, consciousness and balance. These will be discussed in light of our present quest for advancement.






Twelve Great Virtues




The Brotherhoods long ago recognized the highest values in human behavior and described these goals as the virtues: charity, courage, devotion, discernment, efficiency, forbearance, humility, kindliness, patience, precision, sincerity, and tolerance. The acquisition, of the virtues is a safe, natural way to ease our path and to attain clairvoyance.







Ten Qualities of Mind





The tools that have been provided to human beings in order for us to cope with our world and to learn everything there is to know about the physical plane and those planes that are beyond are discussed in detail: memory, desire, will, curiosity, consciousness, conscience, creativeness, intuition, reason and emotion. We will explore the ways we can improve the quality of our lives with the development of Mind.






Law of Karma




The Law of Karma as part of the greater Law of Cause and Effect is set forth with student involvement in exercises with situations that call for ethical solutions. One goal of this seminar is to better understand how cause and effect operate in interpersonal relationships.





Law of Precipitation



An attitude of self worth and awareness of abundance are essential to obtaining what we need and want. We discuss the importance of violet screen meditation, precipitation on different levels of reality, and the six steps to precipitation.






Ten Lemurian Laws




An explanation of each of the Ten Lemurian Laws will be given along with sample situations to help us understand how we can benefit from applying them to our own lives. A comparison of the Ten Lemurian Laws to the U.S. Bill of Rights can be explored.







Lemurian Economics





Here we compare the present economic system to the economics of the Lemurian era and the Nation of God. Profit, distribution, marketing, funding of the government and what kind of stability and opportunity the Lemurian System will afford will be studied. In addition, we present ways yo create a practical transition into the new era in our own economic environment.







Early Childhood Education





The potential of human beings when educated early will be explored in this seminar. The deficiencies of our present system will be compared to the advantages of methods used in the past, when education was valued highly and the development of the young was given the highest priority as well as the greatest respect. We envision a future where such advantages exist.






Marriage, Family and Culture




Stability in marriage and in home life can make a great civilization which endures. Factors which cause instability in the present culture will be compared to customs and attitudes which were present in the Lemurian culture and which will be encouraged in the adherents of the Philosophy of the Brotherhoods.





The Hidden Christ



Who was the person Jesus Christ? We will take a behind the scenes look at the life of Jesus and the ministry of Christ. We will also study how Christ is viewed in today's world.







Male/Female Roles





Richard’s Teachers informed him that we are to combine characteristics of both patriarchal and matriarchal cultures to form the best that culture can offer: “The new nation you are to help found must recreate a balance of the patriarchal and matriarchal world views, just as the great Lemurian culture had.” We are to combine the best of each in order to create an atmosphere most conducive to individual Egoic growth and cooperation.”






Discriminating Metaphysics




What are the dangers of the climb to advancement, not only in this time, but for as long as the challenge of evil has existed?  We will explore the concept of safety in growth and discuss the pitfalls which await the unwary seeker. Also presented are the myriad of dangerous practices that are prevalent today.






Culture in the Next Few Years




We believe that we are living in the end times--now! There are earth changes to consider as well as wars and turmoil. More importantly this period is the beginning of Philadelphia (the Great Isle of the West). We will look into the death of one civilization and the birth of another.