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Books and Lessons

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The Ultimate Frontier $9.95 free    
The Ultimate Frontier
Five pack
$29.95 free    
The Ultimate Frontier CD $24.95 $5.00    
The Hidden Christ $8.95 $4.00    
The Great Virtues Workbook $19.95 $7.00    
Personal Growth Handbook $6.95 $3.00    
Children's Virtue "Fun" Book $14.95 $6.00    

Philosophy Lessons
  The Brotherhoods' Cosmology   The Ten Lemurian Laws
  The Spiritual Evolution of Man   Economics in the Nation of God
  History and the Great Plan   Early Childhood Education
  The Brotherhoods   Marriage, Family and Culture
  Qualifications for Brotherhood   Male and Female Roles
  Ten Qualities of Mind   Discriminating Metaphysics
  Twelve Great Virtues   The Hidden Christ
  Law of Karma   Growth Disciplines
  Law of Precipitation   Culture in the Next Few Years
$5.00 each

$75.00  set of 18


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Audio Recordings

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On Becoming an Initiate (Lecture Series)
  The Twelve Great Virtues   Prosperity
  The Twelve Great Virtues (cont.)   Health
  The Brotherhoods   Cosmic Consciousness
  Law of Karma   Emotional Maturity
  Mental Precipitation   Ten Qualities of Mind
  Balance   Controlling Your Environment
Tape: $6.95 ea. +
$3.00 shipping
$59.95 set +
$14.00 shipping

12 CDs

CD: $8.95 ea. +
$3.00 shipping
$79.95 set +
$14.00 shipping

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Frontier (Radio Interviews)
  The Marvelous Mind of Man

The Nature of Reality


Mental Precipitation

  The Great Pyramid

The Brotherhoods

  The Law of Cause and Effect

Good Versus Evil

  Working Toward Brotherhood

Why Reincarnation?

  Some Thoughts on Loving

Cosmic Consciousness

  Discriminating Metaphysics

The Five Great Civilizations

  Emotional Maturity

The Nation of God

  Economics in the Nation of God

The Balanced Way

  Universal Laws

Christ Among Us

Tape: $6.95 ea. +
$3.00 shipping
$49.95 set +
$14.00 shipping

10 CDs [2 interviews each]

CD: $8.95 ea. + $3.00 shipping
$59.95 set +
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