Children's Virtue "Fun" Book

* You and your children will have loads of fun learning the Twelve Great Virtues in this workbook filled with lots of things to do and create. The virtues and natural laws are explained in easy to understand language so that your youngster may learn the workings of the universe as it relates to him/her.

* Easy to perform experiments demonstrate how basic energy and the nutational rate works. Though basic energy cannot be seen directly, it can be seen manifesting in everyday objects such as a gyroscope or a spinning top.

* Bring out the artist in your child with recipes using ingredients that may be found in your pantry. Several simple to make recipes include: papier-mache, finger paint, pudding paint, and salt dough.

* Have your child explore his/her creativity when making valentines, peanut butter birdfeeders and soap gifts. There are many exciting projects to be made!

* Teach your child the importance of tithing by making their very own "Thank You" or seed bank.

* Make learning the virtues fun by introducing role-playing, doing written exercises and managing research projects. These activities add an in-depth study of each virtue that reinforces learning in a wholesome way.

* Thought-provoking questions allow your child to think through and discuss the virtues and what they mean to the child in the context of "Are the following things easy or hard for me?"