First Quarter 2001

Celebrating Our 25th Year

This year The Adelphi Organization celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. Based on information given by one of his Teachers in October 1973, Richard Kieninger founded The Adelphi Organization on January 26, 1976. The specific site chosen to build Adelphi is near Lake Tawakoni where local Indian legends say that a bearded healer with light hair and fair skin, who most American Indians called Wakon, lived among them for a time and left behind his teachings to enrich their lives. The name "Tawakoni" translates as "Valley of Wakon."

As originally intended, Adelphi has become a cooperative community where adults of all ages with

their minor children enjoy the incentives and examples provided by their fellow members who mutually reinforce and hasten growth through creative participation and personal interaction. The very practical skills for attaining emotional maturity, learning to effectively relate to others and cooperating with others to achieve exciting goals cannot be learned by correspondence courses or by reading ever more literature on the Philosophy of the Brotherhoods.

In Adelphi, we encourage every potential member, regardless of his or her ethnic background, to experience the Lemurian philosophy as the basis of the community. Their personal objective should be

Welcome to Adelphi Through the Entrance Gate